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·         Baseboards

·         Basements

·         Bedrooms, bathrooms

·         ​Cabinets, hand railings

·         ​Crown moldings

·         Family rooms, play rooms

·         ​French doors

·         ​Kitchens, laundry rooms

·         Living rooms, dining rooms

·         ​Offices

·         Walls, ceilings, doors

Whether you want a warm, homely feel or you’re aiming for a more modern look for your home, our team of painters and decorators will work tirelessly in order to exceed all your expectations. All of our work is completed with care, and we strive to achieve to the highest quality finish.

We are experts in residential property decoration, specialising in creating the perfect welcoming space for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for help creating a relaxing bedroom, a fun family kitchen, a snug and welcoming living room or whether you need help and guidance to create the perfect professional home office, We are on hand to help create your dream space.

We can help with any project, whether it’s a large-scale project like a whole house redecoration or a small project like a few walls and ceilings within your home, we are happy to help and use our expertise to meet your project needs.

As a company, we’re dedicated to ensuring we provide the highest standards and finishes to any work we carry out. As a result of our dedication, we make every effort to provide professional painting and decorating services within a timescale that suits you. In order to do this, we pay close attention to ensuring the least amount of disruption to your home, this helps give you peace of mind and lets you relax and enjoy your home.

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